Market Development Division (MDD) will provide functional focus in the provision of assistance on product and market development concerns. (DA Approved Rationalization)


  • Undertake analysis and related research on agribusiness and market trends for agriculture and fishery products in coordination with DA units, agencies and Agriculture Attachés.
  • Promote agricultural and fishery products both in the local and export markets and coordinates on related matters with concerned government agencies.
  • Establish networking, market matching and facilitation of linkages, including preparation of relevant directories of buyers, sellers and agribusiness players. Explore market opportunities, through trade fairs and exhibits, in-store promotions, market testing, and the like, both locally and abroad.
  • Maintains a directory of buyers and sellers of agricultural products.
  1. Market Matching Process Flow: Buyer’s Inquiry/Market matching Process Flow: Seller’s Inquiry

    • a. Receive walk in clients.
    • b. Refer the client to concerned staff (Market matching Unit).
    • c. Provide matching Form (Form A for Buyer and B for Seller) and Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to filled up by client.
    • d. Evaluate and assess buyers and seller’s needs.
    • e. Validate seller’s information.
    • f. Refer to Regional Field Office-Agribusiness and Marketing Division (AMAD) as necessary.
    • g. Request client to fill up CSS form.
    • h. Record/note action taken, date and time in the CIF and submits the forms for MDD File.
    • i. Keep the CIF and CSS on MDD File.

  2. Participation to trade Events

    • a. Disseminate list of trade events to be participated for the year.
    • b. Start preparatory work.
    • c. Evaluate interested companies and select exhibitors based of criteria.
    • d. Conduct series of meetings: orientation, discussion of arrangements for the event and pre-departure.
    • e. Attendance to event.
    • f. Conducts post evaluation and monitoring.

  3. ADC Accreditation

    • a. Prepare letter addressed to AMAS Director.
    • b. Submit together with the following basic documents that are certified true copies and signed by authorized signatories.
      For Processed Food

      • 1. License to Operate (LTO) issued by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration
      • 2. Company Registration (SEC, CDA, DTI)

        For Corporation

        • Company By-Laws
        • Article of Incorporation/Article of Corporation

          For Single Proprietorship/Partnership

          • DTI Registration

      • 3. BIR Registration
      • 4. Business Permits
      • 5. Company profile (including Processing Plant Profile)
      • 6. Product Description
      • 7. Pricing Structure and suggested retail price
      • 8. Certificate of Good Standing
      • 9. Board Resolution (authorized signatory to the MOA)
      • 10. Audited Financial Statement of the Company

        Optional (when available)

        • Certificate of Product Registration (if any)
        • Local and International accreditation and certification (GAP, GMP, HACCP, Organic, Ecocert, etc.)
  • c. Submit product samples for inspection.
    • a. Labelling
    • b. Nutritional facts
    • c. List of ingredients
    • d. Manufacturing and Expiry dates
  • d. Categorize the products.

    For Display

    • a. Promotion materials
    • b. Shelf talkers/table top signage


      • a. Preparation of Product order
      • b. Promotion material
      • c. Product for sampling
  • e. Sign the Supplier’s Manual Agreement.
  • f. Set up product in the display area
  • g. Order products for retail at the ADC display area.