Boosting the immune system:


Herbio Agrinature is designed to process energy health drinks and food booster kit derived from selected herbs and farm plants to strengthen the immune system. It primarily uses a combination of plant leaves, flowers, seeds, farmed fruits, root crops, spices, and vegetables

Herbio Agrinature lives by the famed quote of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”—resonating Herbio’s goal of ultimate care for human health.

The Herbio Agrinature Wellness Products Manufacturing is located at Zone 4, Barangay Tiguma, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. It started as a small family business, which steadily grew into a small enterprise. With the concept of adding a climate smart value chain system, Herbio Agrinature buys the local harvests from organic farmers in the community, including natural herbs and organic fruits and vegetables. They then processes these products to create the Herbio natural food drink.

Creating a vision of serving happy clients and healthy partners, Herbio aspires to achieve its vision by remaining true to its mission of producing an economical and healthy food and beverage for all.

Beating the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Herbio Agrinature minimized operations and eventually planned for the reformation of the Herbio empire in order to continue its services in the new normal.

The Arcenal children will take over the business and will relaunch the Herbio Agrinature 2.0. in 2022. The four siblings—Christine Clare Arcenal-Piloton, Leah Abigail Arcenal, Gian Carlo Arcenal, and Mara Cheriz Arcenal—are young farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs who have started engaging in vegetable gardening and plant-based food processing.

Herbio Agrinature 2.0 will follow the value chain from seed-to-plant to transforming products into a healthy food aid immune booster kit pack with added value. The operation procedures will introduce new environment-friendly products and healthy options, as well as open and establish a store to showcase the health products and to connect with more consumers.

They will be guided by the original proprietor, patriarch Joseph Milfred M. Arcenal—who is a biologist but currently on leave due to his acceptance to participate in a bigger challenge offered by their Provincial Governor to be a part of the Zamboanga del Sur Task Force on Food Security Program in the Aquaculture Sector during the pandemic.

Christine, 30, is also a biologist with varied experience in plant and plant-product development. She will be leading Herbio Agrinature as their new proprietress, overseeing the operations of the processing plant.

Gian, 26, is specializing in Chemistry with technical experiences in concocting healthy drinks, wines, and spirits during his training in Manila. A test run was showcased during the World Food Expo 2019 at the World Trade Center in Manila.

Mara, 23, is specializing as food technologist who will be tasked to research and introduce fresh and original food processing ideas such as healthy bread and pastries, milk tea, and coffee. She will serve as the Quality Assurance Control Manager, making sure that the overall operations of the business follows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines on food production and distribution.

Leah, 27, is an finance analyst who will be responsible for tracking down expenses, forecasting the market, and analyzing cash flow. She will also prepare the yearly financial plan and accomplish the year-end Statement of the Comprehensive Income.

Herbio AgriNature 2.0

Pursuing the business battle to sustain a livelihood with a purpose, the next generation of Arcenal participated in the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Young Farmers Challenge Fund (YFCF) Program in November 2021.

Carrying the signature mark of the brand established in 2016 and the guiding light of the founding father, Herbio 2.0 created a business model canvas (BMC) with the agenda of combining agriculture and agribusiness innovations to upgrade food and beverage products.

As one of the YFCF Regional Level winners from the Zamboanga Peninsula Region, they received a Php 200,000 cash grant from the DA. It became the catalyst to open new heights for processing and product improvement and is now part of the Herbio history, serving to inspire the future generations.

The Herbio 2.0 Kit contains the Natural Energy Health Drink, vegetable-based pastries, and fresh farm produce.

The Natural Energy Health Drink is made up of different extracts to meet different health demands. It is best formulated to fight the recent health crisis to boost the immune system and is even safe for daily intake for persons with COVID-19.

The vegetable pastries and nutri-bread booster will also be included in the Food Aid Kit, together with the Energy Health Drink. The ingredients of the bread and pastries will be locally sourced to also support the local vegetable economy. By-products of the natural heath drink will also be transformed to be utilized in their agri-baked products.

Fresh farm produce or harvests are raw materials like fruits and vegetables used in the production of the Herbio Health Products. The Arcenal siblings will be establishing their own organic vegetable farm as a major source of these materials. To meet adequacy of raw materials supply, the Herbio Team will also contract growers who use the natural farming system in growing their vegetables and crops. Fresh and dried harvests will be processed into the desired products.

Herbio AgriNature 2.0 will soon open its doors to bring better healthy options to every consumer, young and old, making livelihood sustainability and a healthy community a priority in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. ###