Idea turned venture:


Who would have thought that young farmers from Davao Oriental would make homegrown calamansi into something special?

It was indeed an amazing journey for Reynaldo B. Archie and Jameco A. Dayanghirang as they breathe life to their agribusiness idea, Healthy-Mansi, for which they were even awarded as Regional Level winners in the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Young Farmers Challenge Fund (YFCF) Program.

Sour fruit, sweet beginnings

Calamansi fruit is a high-value commodity that is abundant in the Davao Region. Knowing that  it has the potential in strengthening one’s immune system, the two developed their formula for calamansi juice with a twist of healthy medicinal flavors. They opted to help boost the immune system of their customers to also combat the effects of COVID-19.

Start-ups are always a big challenge, especially for young entrepreneurs. But with the help of the government and the YFCF, Archie and Dayanghirang were able to kickstart their calamansi production: from planting expansion to processing and even linkages to the market. Government agencies, non-government organizations, and other private businesses also extended support as they implemented the project.

Currently, their chosen enterprise offers six variants of calamansi flavors to the market: Detox, Antioxidant, Hydration, Immune Booster, Cough Remedy, and Fit Variant. All variants are 100% organic and can be purchased through online platforms and direct distributors.

A nation-wide approach

As young agripreneurs from the Davao Region, Archie and Dayanghirang are now ready to accept the challenge of being one of the new catalysts in sustaining food security and innovation in the agriculture sector, as well as to encourage the youth to take part in agriculture-related advocacies in the Philippines. Believing that “may pera sa agrikultura,” they hope to find more opportunities and to connect with the right people to guide and collaborate with.

Healthy-Mansi has just started; yet the two agripreneurs remain steadfast in their aim for its sustainability and their vision to support local farmers to produce more highly valued crops and commodities. It has been statistically noted that the country’s production declines year after year; thus, they aspire to collaborate with growers within the region for contract growing to increase the Philippines’ production volume and to sustain supply.

Through this value formation, Archie and Dayanghirang hope to provide sustainability, contribute to the economy and the government, and to create more impact to society. ###