A total of fifteen (15) Filipino agribusiness companies joined the Philippine delegation, with a total of thirty-three (33) member-delegation. These include Audrey’s Confectioneries, B&C Healthy Snack Foods Inc., Fruits of Life, Inc., J. Emmanuel Pastries, JNRM Corporation, La Carlota Food Enterprises, Monique Miracle Fruit Juice, PearlFood International, Prosource International Inc., Sagay Central, Incorporated, Soyuz Foods International, Inc., Tropicana Food Products, Inc., Villa Socorro Healthy Chips Inc., and Monde Nissin.

Among the 15 exhibitors, 12 are first timers in FABEX Kansai. Products promoted were banana chips, coconut by-products such as MCT oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut powder, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut wraps, coconut vinegar; muscovado sugar, calamansi pure extracts and juices,  flavors and instant mixes (native kakanin delicacies), pork chicharon, fish crackers, banana chips, mango-by-products, pili nuts, roasted peanut, peanut butter; chocolate coated mango, chewy mango and chewy coconut snacks; bottled fruit salad mixes, fruit juices, frozen saba, biscuits,  among others.

For the 3-day event in Osaka and 1-day market matching activity in Tokyo, the recorded sales generated amounted to PhP 394,847,312.73.